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About Mojo

Mojo Sportfishing Gear is a new kind of fishing apparel, carrying on the tradition of functionality and durability for the serious fisherman while introducing a unique look and feel that makes the line perfect for wearing on or off the boat. In addition, Mojo also incorporates the latest in technological advances in fabrics, giving the wearer great sun protection while keeping them cool and dry at the same time.

As an avid saltwater fisherman with 20 years of experience in the apparel industry, owner and founder Tim Mossberg had the vision to create the next level of sport fishing apparel—Mojo Sportswear was born in 2009. The name Mojo is shared with the fishing vessel of Mossberg’s close friend and business partner, Rodger Bagwell, symbolizing the life of the fisherman, the love of the sport and the freedom of the open seas. Fishing is a lifestyle, and Mojo sums it up nicely!

As a brand, Mojo is anything but safe. The line is youth-oriented and edgy, while still maintaining some of the more traditional lines that hearken back deep within sportfishing history. Mossberg stepped away from the ordinary and created a lifestyle brand, something that would combine the latest styles and also instantly set itself apart from the competition. Mojo features everything from surfer-inspired boardshorts to moisture-wicking fabrics and even cutting-edge marine life graphics. The line is durable, fashionable and will hold up to the needs of the hardcore tournament professional angler while looking great along the way, day or night.


Tim Mossberg, owner and founder of Mojo Sportswear Company, grew up just outside Atlanta, Georgia and started fishing the region’s extensive freshwater lakes and rivers with his father as soon as he could hold a rod and reel.

Having already developed an early love of the sport, it wasn’t until the mid-1980s that Mossberg got his first taste of offshore sportfishing. On a trip to the Bahamas with his Chi Phi fraternity brothers in 1985, Mossberg hooked his first blue marlin and the rest is history. Since then, Mossberg has traveled the world pursuing his passion for billfishing, competed in tournaments from the Caribbean and the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico, often fishing aboard the Silver-Rod-O with his good friend and master angler, Gary Carter. Each adventure has given Mossberg a lifetime of experiences and memories from which to draw upon for the new line of Mojo gear.

“There have been so many great trips and every one is different from the rest,” Mossberg said. “Fishing has taken me all over the world, but it’s not just the fish, its meeting the people in these countries and experiencing the different ways of life that makes each trip so much more memorable for me.”

Mossberg said he enjoys the challenge of sportfishing as much as he enjoys the freedom it allows.  “To put all the variables together and be successful is one of the world’s greatest challenges,” Mossberg said.

Eleven years ago, he moved his business and family to Destin, Florida in order to be closer to the water.  “With Mojo, we have created a worldwide brand that’s about the fishing lifestyle—hardcore offshore yet laid back and casual at the docks,” he said. “It’s something that will look just as good chasing blue marlin in Bermuda as it will hanging out in a cantina in Costa Rica after a long day offshore.”


Rodger Bagwell brings over 30 years of business experience to the Mojo Sportswear Company. An avid offshore fisherman, Bagwell resides in Lafayette, Louisiana but also owns a residence in Destin, Florida. Like most anglers, it’s the excitement of catching big fish that keeps Bagwell going back time and again.

In 2009, Bagwell combined his business expertise and his passion for fishing and joined his good friend and business partner, Tim Mossberg, on the adventure to launch the Mojo brand. Bagwell’s boat, the Mojo, became the namesake of this cutting-edge sportswear line. “We’ve come up with a superior product that specializes in the type of fishing that we’re passionate about,” Bagwell said.

Bagwell’s business experience includes projects in heavy fabrication and offshore construction, aviation, residential land management, commercial real estate and general investments. He is presently part owner and chief operating officer of Rotorcraft Leasing Company, which is a leading provider of helicopter transportation services in the Gulf of Mexico, with a fleet of 150 helicopters. Bagwell also serves on the board of directors for Validus International, an ecologically-advanced corporation dedicated to opening new energy resources through its advanced drilling technologies.

Bagwell is excited about the future of the Mojo brand and is planning to move to Florida full time in the near future. “This is something new and exciting to do after the aircraft business and Destin may end up being my final destination.”

Together the pair bring decades of both angling and business experience with them. Mojo: the next generation of sportswear.